Walter Bosque: was born on July 30th 1960, in General Roca, Argentine.
University Degree: Expert Photographer. Studies in Graphic Design. He finised his studies in 1985 in the Visual Arts Institute NOVUM.
Proffessors: Guillermo Damo (Gran Cóndor Federación Argentina de Fotografía) and Ricardo Vallejos (Lápiz de Oro Diseño fotográfico aplicado) Special Courses: Special Techniques (with Juan Carlos Villareal, First Prize world gallery of photography, Belgium, Germany and Singapur). Aereal photometry: (aereal-photography group of the Argentinian Air Force) Applied Photography to the Graphic Arts (Cámara Argentina de Artes Gráficas) Digitalization and Photochrometry (Agfa Institute, Argentina).
Prizes: 67 in all: In International, National and Provincial Photography Art Galleries.
-1985 second place in the Foto Club Córdoba`s ranking.
-1986 first place in the Foto Club Córdoba`s ranking.
- 30th July, 1986 recieves the Colour, and Black and White Prizes in the Monserrat National Gallery, organized by Renault and Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación. The prizes were delivered by President Raúl Alfonsín.
-1987 first place in the Foto Club Córdoba`s ranking.
-1997- 1998 - 1999 He has been selected by Rotovision (Switzerland) to represent Argentine in the Latinamerican Directory and the World's Photography Directory. 1998 Being asked by the Tourism Secretary of Argentine, he worked as the Head of the Argentinian Photo-gallery.
Artistic Activities Performed: up to the present he has made 16 exhibitions in official and private art galleries (8 of them accompained with his own poetry works). He has tought 200 hour official courses on applied photography. At present he is working free-lance in advertising photography and digital work.


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Walter Bosque