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Sudhir Deshpande is an entirely self-tauht artist, painter and sculptor. His chosen medium is metal, wood and other durable materials.

Many of his Sculptures, Murals and paintings are based upon abstract ideas and Vedic philosophy too.

As well as conventional sculptures Sudhir has worked with sculptures that involve movement, music, water and light.

He was internationally recognized Limca Book of Records in 1992 for the achievement of creating "The powerfull", a structure 55' tall and 27 tones in weight and constructed enterely out of scrap metal.

He also gained worlwide recognition in the Guiness Book of Recors in 1992 for his creation of the tallest metal Sculpture in the world. (Ref: page no. 181 in the section of "sculpture" edition 1992. And details with a photograph on page no. 157 in the 1994 English edition.)

He is currently in the process of creating sculpture gardens at Nashik, India and in the U.K. on about 50 acres of land comprising a studio, workshops and accommodation for visiting artists.

Sudhir also has Public & Private collections of his work in Germany, France, England, Scotland, USA and Japan.


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Sudhir Deshpande