Having practiced drawing and painting from a young age, M’Hamed Saci decided in 1986 to show his work to a public who was expecting to see the work of a novice. Instead, they found the product of an accomplished artist. Always in search of a personal and self-taught style, M’Hamed Saci specialized in building "Architecture and Urbanism," the reconciliation of art and its related questions. In these landscapes, real or imaginary, he manipulates shapes and colors in a carefree poetic place dominated by nature. Bursting with joyful Mediterranean glow, these richly colored works, in both warm and cool tones, convey a diversity of expression. The artist uses current pictorials figuratively, following the tendency of the impressionists. "The essence for me," says Saci, "is to see beyond these compositions - sometimes uncertain, sometimes timid – and to see through these silent existences, these secret breaths. It is the desire to escape toward eternity, toward seeking the ~ National Gallery Alyssa – Tunis 1996 ~ Ministry of Culture – Algiers 1997 ~ 15th Annual Vittel International Exhibition of Painting -France 1997 ~ Silver medal from the Arts Council of Vittel ~ Summer Exhibition of the National Gallery Alyssa - Tunis 1997 ~ "Days of Algerian Diplomacy" – Ministry of Culture, Algiers 1997 ~ National Center of Archives 1998 ~ Samson Gallery Bastion 23 – Algiers 1998 ~ Summer Exhibition Symposium, Circle of Artists of Quebec 1998 ~ International Gala of Visual Arts 1998 ~ Marché Bonsecours, Vieux Montreal ~ Ministry of Culture – Algiers 1999 ~ Theater of Greenery – Algiers 1999 ~ Samson Gallery Bastion 23 – Algiers 1999 ~ Didouche Mourad Cybercafé 1999 ~ M’Sita Cultural Center 1999 ~ Festival of Plastic Arts – Souk Ahras 1999 ~ Art Gallery Exhibition – Montreal 1999 ~ Meli Mélo Gallery – Vieux Port Montreal 1999 ~ Mohamed Racim Gallery (millenium of Algiers) 1999 ~ Tipasa Cultural Center 2000 ~ Ministry of Culture, March 8 2000 ~ Arab Parliament Day – Algiers 2000 ~ Parchemin

Au coin du port de Montreal






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Saci M'hamed