Suat Özyönüm was born on November 12, 1951 in Erzincan. On grounds of his father's official functions he completed his junior high school education in the cities of Balikesir and Eskisehir, and his senior high school in Eskisehir and Ankara. His keen interest in arts emerged during his high school education and was soon transformed into a life style for him. He passed the admission exams of the Fine Arts Academy in 1974 and was admitted to the Department of Advanced Sculpture. In 1976 with encouragement of Prof. Sadi Çalik he took employment with the Turkish State Mint. On grounds his work at the Mint interfered with his schooling he was became obliged to quit the Mint. His graduation from the Academy came in 1980. Upon invitation from the State Mint in 1981 he restarted working there as a sculpture. In 1986 he went to Italy to study coinage in the State Mint in Rome.



Love Icona - Bronze, wood






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Suat Özyönüm