He was born in Buenos Aires the 23rd of september of 1950. Nationality: German / Argentine
Title: engraving teacher in superior and medium level. Decret 8188 / 59, ministerial resolution No. 1270 / 67. Graduation: National school of Bellas Artes "Prilidiano Pueyrredón" december of 1990 Buenos Aires, Argentine.
1971/73 He studied drawing in Julio´s Pagano workshop.
1973/74 He studied engraving in Alfredo´s D´vicenzo workshop.
1973/74 He enter to The Bellas Artes School completing the basic school cicle.
1987,90 Finishin studies in The National fine arts of profesor drawing and engraving.
1976 He takes the course "Spanish Art" in the Argentine Institute of Hispanic culture, teached by profesor Luis Fernando Rodríguez Querejazu.
1984 He studied litography in the Kunstler Haus Bethanien, where he creates litographys leaving the originals in the fundacion files, all this in the city of Berlin, germany .
1985 He recives his second scholarship by the senate of Berlin culture.

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Ricardo Hirschfeldt