My father was a doctor, specialist in the tropical i was born in Africa, in Bantou country.
I worked in a certain number of trades which had nothing to do with art.
My last one was technician superior in data-processing maintenance and network
Secret maintenance in 1979, I meet Victor Vasarely in 'Aix en Provence'.
My best friend is J.Bastard, poet published at Gallimard.
Inspiration comes me as I breathe.... it is a chance.
I am an atypical and autodidact ... another chance.
I use especially Bryce, Vue d'esprit and Poser.... excellent programs ... the others too!
I like the surealism, minimalism, hyperealism.(Dali, Escher, Bosch, Rembrandt , Rubens ...Moebius, Bilal, J.Gimenez...)
I like to laugh, the children, the noise of the rain and silence.
Television and the idiots..m' irritate.
Now I live in Brittany (France), at Dinard, beautiful seaside resort.
My five boys are my greater pride.
Two of them (twin) are graduate (DNSEP) university of applied art of Luminy (Marseille),
they are founder members of collective P.K 182.
I am a 'paradox' disguised into human and always in admiration in front of the beauty of the women.








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Renard Louis