Phil Artez was born in I965 in Africa (Tanganyka),at the age of 12 he went to France then he traveled to many countries such as :Western Europe,Middle East, India, China, Japan, North America, North Africa (Sahara Desert). He began photography 20 years ago after a trip by train across the Soviet Union. All of these travels gave him a feeling of the exile. His real home is where he can work. He likes photography for the miracles it performs each day by accident. He puts his life in his work and his work into it. It is like a long journey and a mirror of himself where he can be always on the move. He tried to explain more with some keywords:"Time, space, lights, body, masks, stage, sounds, movement, darkness, visions, nomads, respiration, instinct, instant, transformation, repetition, energy, show, ritual, interpretation, silence, disappear." Now most of his influences come from music and dance. He likes what Orson Welles said about photography: "It's a medium via which messages reach us from another world ". In french : Image=Magie. He believes also that the camera is much more than a recording apparatus. His technic is simple : He uses always the same black and white film and he enlarges himself all the prints because he thinks it's an essential part of the creative process. He has his own studio and darkroom. When he is in the darkroom he likes to hear the sounds he recorded everywhere he has been before this trip to Russia where he decided also to take photographs.

His statement : The Association Visions Nomades realised this website last February 2002. Phil Artez waited 20 years to present his photography work....and Internet is such an amazing possibility to show it....A free media wich can be seen everywhere.....!!


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Phil Artez