"My goal as an artist is to capture the essence of my subject and express it using the beautiful fluidness of transparent watercolors. I’m fascinated by the emotions caused by light and shadows and I try to capture that feeling in my paintings. If the viewer feels what I felt then I have reached the ultimate goal".

I was born and raised in Ohio, USA. I studied commercial art and that led me to many years of working in the graphic arts field. Although I was satisfied at the time, my deepest true yearning was to paint. In those days, I was caught up in the game of life and found very little time for painting. I was fortunate to be able to relocate to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina in 1996. I now reside west of Murphy with my husband Don. Life has since slowed down and I discovered the challenging media of watercolors. Mostly self-taught as a watercolorist, I have also attended group classes and workshops. Books and magazines have been another wonderful resource. I’m very inspired by the beauty of this area. I enjoy painting the smoky mountains, the numerous lakes, and the sparkling waterfalls and creeks. People and animals also fascinate me. Portraiture is another love of mine. Capturing a face in a specific point in time is very satisfying.

I’m mostly a studio artist but I also enjoy painting from life on occasion. I love to travel and take lots of pictures. I’m always looking for that moment when the light shines in a special way creating interesting shadows. When I’m looking for inspiration I’ll browse through those pictures until one moves me to paint it. I usually have a plan when I begin to paint but I always allow the painting to dictate the direction along the way.

I’m an exhibiting member of the Georgia Watercolor Society and a member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountain Art Association. My work has been in numerous local exhibits and is in private collections in the U.S. and Europe. I’ve also done commissioned portraits and landscapes for individuals. Locally I’m represented at the Andrews Valley Artist’s Gallery in Andrews, North Carolina, the Artist’s Common in Murphy, North Carolina, and the BRMAA’s Maher Gallery in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Aspens Ablaze - Watercolour (14,75x14,5)






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Penny Johnson