I am a wildlife artist, a native of the state of Connecticut. I began my art career in earnest in the 1970's, focusing mainly on pet portraiture. In 1981 I was privileged to meet wolves in captivity at the University of Connecticut. I immediately searched for all of the information that was available to me on wolves. Combining my newly-found knowledge of them with the rare opportunity to spend time with them through the contact with the wolves at UConn and later with ambassador wolves in Sharon, CT, I developed a strong desire to speak for them in my artwork, and in turn they also speak for me. My hope is to educate and generate respect for the wolves and all wildlife through my work. Recently I have been honored to know the Wolves of Speedwell, wolves that have found sanctuary on a farm in Pennsylvania. There I continue to be inspired and educated by their presence and what they have to say to me.
I work primarily in my favorite medium, pastel, although I also work in pencil and acrylic paint. I am a self-taught artist; my ability to 'capture' life on paper is a gift that I do not take lightly and use to the benefit of the wild ones that I paint whenever possible. I have continued through the years to enjoy the challenge of the depiction of our beloved pets in artwork.
Most recently my work has been exhibited at the Quiet Corner Artists'36th and 37th Annual Juried Outdoor Art Shows in Windham, CT, the Phoenix Community Cancer Center in Enfield, CT, the Emmanuel Synagogue Art Show in West Hartford, CT, Stafford On Display in Stafford, CT, the Piedmont Art Show in Somers, CT and the Lebanon Sports Centre in Lebanon, CT.
My work is also on exhibit and available at the Fenton River Gallery in Willington, CT, Where ART Thou? Art gallery in Columbus, Nebraska, Tif's Turnin Leaf in Jim Thorpe, PA, the Wolf Sanctuary of PA in Elm, PA., and my pet portraits are on exhibit at Day Hill Kennels in Windsor, CT, and the Stafford Veterinary Center in Stafford Springs, CT. I am a member of the Quiet Corner Artists in Windham, CT.
In the process of creating each new painting, my inspiration is drawn upon a lifetime of observation in the woods and natural areas of my home state, Connecticut, as well as other areas of the country where I have wandered. From childhood I have been drawn to the natural places and have spent many free moments in awe of the life that exists there in its diverse forms, surviving in balance and harmony. The 'rhyme and reason' of that existence leads to a deeper understanding of our own existence and our place in this world. The expression of these experiences, observations and feelings on paper is a lifelong challenge. My artwork is an invitation into that world, a search for a deeper understanding and appreciation of it.







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Pat Morris