The painter Oscar Alitta, Academic of Merit of the Academy "I 500" of Rome, lives and works in Leighton Buzzard, in the country of Bedfordshire, England.
Born in Turin in 1929, he has lived in his own native city, and in Florence, where it started yhe maturation of his artistic vein. The desire of always new landscapes and stimuli took him to Argentina. There he has for 6 years, from 1964 to 1970. In 1973 til 1975, move to Kenya, for two years, realized an "Ascending Crist" for a new Church of the Comboniane Missions. In 1984, he moved with his wife Edda to England, where they still live.

Undoubtedly, Oscar Alitta, already from his biography, appears to be a not very common persen. His trips as well his frequent contact with people from the artistic environment and from different cultures, show us his eagerness to discover new scenarios, his desire not to stop his own artistic and cultural growth and improve his own ability to interpret life and the world.

All that, apart from the unquestionable technical competence, makes him and ARt Master of planetary greatness.







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Oscar Alitta