Born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, Canada. He is both a graphic and fine artist who taught art for 32 years. The main infuences on Monte´s work has been his Christian beliefs and Cadada's natural environment. Exhibits of his work have been shown since 1962 throughout many parts of Canada. Recents, 2002 exhibits were at Homer Watson Houes and Gallery, Kitchener and The Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Cambridge, Ontario.

Since retirement in 1992, Monte has pursued a full-time career in art. His interets continue to vary scope, from monumental murals to contemporary fibre art and computer-generated images.

"The work you are viewing is a cross-section of my computer, angel prints and some of my paintings from the nineties to 2001. These paintings illustrate the changes that look place from evolving, textural pieces to sculptural, fabrc works."

Work in Collections Murals and paintings are in several collections throughout Canada and the U.S.A.


Angel Earth - Digital (51x61)






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Monte Wright