I was born In Kosice, Slovakia June 26,1964. My family emigrated to Montreal , Canada when I was two years old. Both my parents are Holocaust( a sacrifise consumed by fire) survivers. My mother was imprisoned for one year at the age of fourteen in Auschwitz (Poland, Krakow site of Nazi concentration camp)..

My father spent nine years in a gulag archipelago (labor camp) in Siberia accused of spying ( to watch secretly for hostile purposes) for the germans. Obviously thier trials impacted (to impinge or make contact especially forcefully) the lives of my brother and I. Moving around alot. Being placed in the care ( painstaking or watchful attention) of strangers.

As a child I spent alot of my time alone observing ( to conform one's action or practice to comply with) others, standing by the sidelines ( a sphere of little or no participation or activity...) Perhaps this informs me along my chosen ( to select freely and after consideration) path in life.

As a teenager I was always told I have an artistic (showing imaginative skill in arrangement or execution.) temperament.

I experimented (a tentative procedure or policy) with various mediums. But none availed me the satisfaction of self expression (the assertion of ones individual traits) the way I imagined painting would.. It took me many years to overcome the bias (a line diagonal to the grain of a fabric) and pitfalls (a hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty) I was to encounter when taking courses. Being told thats not how you paint is antithetical (being in direct and unequivocal opposition) to the whole notion of creativity and self expression. I also expected to be taught technique (a method of accomplishing a desired aim ). . I `ve learned now after many endeavors (to strive to achieve or reach) to find my own ( belonging to oneself or itself) method. Albeit the results good or bad. I am satisfied.

Additional artwork :

The beauty of myth - Oil/Canvas (28x22)







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Monica Kovak