He was born in 1927 in Kharkov (Ukraine).
He studied methodology of Art teaching in the Pedagogical institute 1945-1950 .
He was also a graduate of History Faculty in the Pedagogical institute 1951-1955.
In 1955 he received a degree of the Master of Arts in the Kharkov Art institute.
A Teacher of painting and composition at the Kharkov Art school (1959-1972).
Member of Ukranian Artist Society.
Member of Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors.
He had numerous Personal exhibitions in the former Soviet Union .
Annual exhibition of Ukranian Artist Society 1976-1983.
Personal exhibition of the Drawings in 1976.
Exhibition of Paintings in Japan in 1978.
Art exhibition in Italy (Venice)in 1980.
Bronze medal and the Diploma of the 3rd prize winner in Art competition in 1973.
His work is in the collections of many museums, including the Museum of Art in Lille.







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Michael Dementyev