Marino Bocciardo is born to Genoa in 1938, where it lives and it operates, participates to several cultural manifestations in localita' Italian and foreign. It exposes in personal extensions and collective, its works figure in public and private collections. The occupied press of he in several occasions. In 1974 it enters on the scene of the figurative art attending local and national painters with which it often paints in extemporaneous, reaching from the nature colors and inspiration. Its reported preferred painting is that immediate to a IMPRESSIONISMO filtered through the successive pittoriche experiences. Marino however, when it finds synthesis in the visions that encircle it, reveals a formulation, nearly involuntary, towards the informal one, to the search of the principle spontaneita'. L artist e' also in possession of one technical particular called " MODERN DIVISIONISMO" that consists in realizing the work with nearly vertical blows of spatula. The effect turns out only interesting and in its kind, even if the originalita' it removes space to the immediacy. Other times, observing the things of every day, design fast notes that subsequently serve in order to compose one raffigurazione “FROM THE SKETCH TO THE PAINTING”. In the last period it enters, in tip of feet, the world of computer science, that it has of means and infinite and unforeseeable resources, and attempts in new experiences executing some works of " COMPURET ART ".


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Marino Bocciardo