I was born in Poland in 1958 and emigrated to England in 1989.
I’m a very enthusiastic artist and I’m interested in every medium. As part of my Art Course I started with ceramics went on to photography and finally computer experimentation. Painting, especially in oils is my favourite medium. I cant completely lose myself in my art, there are no boundaries, no restrictions, my imagination takes me
into unknown world of colour and fantasy. I’m extremely influenced by dramatic contrasts of light, shade or shining, reflecting surfaces in nature. I like to capture the moment
on camera, scan it onto my computer for designing my final piece.

My painting "Lifetime" was one of 29' finalists chosen from 3500 paintings in the "Artist Of The Year 2000" -SAA International Competition, while "Yet Another Spring In My Garden" is another lucky painting from the year 2001. To look at these paintings go to -http://www.saa.co.uk/

Painting is part of everything I do now and I hope you will .


Autum - Oil (24x20)







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María Mucharska