Born in Bucharest in Rumania in 1932
Graduated Art School in Bucharest - 1963
Immigrated to Israel in 1964 and lives in Nethanya
Awards : 1966 First prize - Art Contest of Cultural Center in Tel Aviv ZOA House
In 1967 he married his wife Agnes who has constantly been his closest and best support.
Membership: Member of Painter and Sculptors Association of Israel - 1979

His techniques: oil, drawing, etching, oil pastel, assemblage, computer graphics and mix techniques.
TV report in "MAGAZINE OF ART" in Israeli Television - 1983
Mandy Sand's art works are a combination of realism and fantasy.
Mandy Sand is gifted with imagination and inventivity, these characteristics help him to create his own special world filled with the love of art.
His Works are exhibited in many art collections and Museums in Israel and abroad in Italy, France, USA, Canada, Germany, Venezuela, Hungary, Croatia and Rumania
"Israel Painters & Sculptors National Modern Art Catalogue" Published by ISART - Stier Group ltd. - 1981
"Artists Book Members of Tel Aviv branch" Published by Painter and Sculptors Association of Israel, Tel Aviv branch - 1989
"Contemporary Israeli Artists" Published by MGC Gradec, Zagreb Croatia - 1993
"Oil & Acrylic the National council of Painters & Sculptors in Israel" Published by Painter and Sculptors Association of Israel - 1996
Curator of "The Song of Songs" exhibition in the Nathanya Cultural Center -1994
The artist has paintings drawings and etchings ready to be exhibited .



Adagio - Oil/Canvas (30x50)







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Mandy Sand