He gets firstly in touch with photography as a naval photographer assistant, on board of the oceanographic boat "Staffetta". Next he collaborates with the photographic agency Attualfoto, taking kare of Formula One and Rallies services.
Afterwards, he enters also the Cinema. As a camera-man, he realizes more than 80 Gran Prix motion-pictures for the sports weekly magazine Autosprint, during the italian television program "Telesprint".
But the continuous search for the new, the interest to get to know different people and races, the love for big opened spaces, direct him more and more towards the report and the pure documentary, that he still follows ( he still shoot with a 16 mm film).
From 1983 to 1990 he is a member of the mobile troupe of the italian television program "Jonathan" presented by Ambrogio Fogar, so taht to be friendly called from his collegues : "The nomad with the camera".
In about 20 years, he collaborates to the realization of more than 30 documentaries or films for italian and foreign television and importants photographic services.
In 1996 he wins one of the most prestigious photographic contest. Among 36.454 photos, coming from 53 countries, he award the absolute first prize: the "Nikon Photo Contest International GRAND PRIZE".

Some of his most important films are:

In less than 30 years of activity he has realized many services in 59 different nations, for a total of more than 98.000 pictures.
At the beginning of the '70 he works as a sports photographer for a well known agency.
In 1975 he passes at the cinema as a film-maker.
In 1992 he begins taking again photographic reportages alternatively with television documentaries.

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