The computer with its inexhaustible possibilities of creation is always a very exciting and inspiring tool for me. The works included in this exhibit were composed and colored in Photoshop using KPT5's FraxFlame filter. They are drawn by algorithm and may be characterized, perhaps loosely, as fractals.

I was born 1948.
After leaving school (1967) with a secondary graduate I concluded a professional education as a photographer and graphic designer.
In the first time I was an employee of the Bertelsmann publishing house and some years in the publicity department of the Nobilia factory, a producer of furniture and kitchens.

Since 1976 I worked as a freelancer for several publicity agencies and advertising departments and shaped every kind of publicity resources, like prospects, mailings, advertisements and product designs, for example I shaped for several years a club-journal for Radio Télé Luxemburg (RTL).

In 1994 I detected the Computer (which had been before only a tool for working) as my personal artistic medium. I gained the necessary knowledge for it in a self taught manner.
My artistic work with the computer shows three points
of main effort:

1. The graphic work with own photos:
Digitally edited photo-collages of flowers and landscapes, frequently completed with paintings, expressing the connection between the perceptible picture and imagination. Most of them have been awarded in the annually hold Corel World Design Contest.

2. The work with 3D-programs:
3D-illustrations and landscapes in a surrealistic manner also digitally edited and supplemented with paintings.

3. Experimental and abstract works:
To this category belongs the work with computer generated abstract paintings as a game with colours, forms and filters but also the generating of fractals, the visual presentation of mathematical equations, which result in incredibly beautiful patterns having never been seen before.


Attempt to escape - Mathematical Art






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Karin Kuhlmann