In the era of globalization it has increasingly become
difficult to isolate one culture from the other as the world today has grown into a close-knit network. Notions of geography, border and territory assume new meaning as people and their cultures constantly criss-cross each
other’s domains.

The globalizing forces; in the shape of the electronic media, aviation industry and the multinational companies have greatly mobilized people and their habits across the continents. Today we celebrate the togetherness and diversity of cultures across the globe. So as we celebrate this diversity, there is an inherent
threat to its very foundation.

Cultural traits such as language and customs in certain segments of these social experiences are on the wane and vanishing. This state is more pronounced in indigenous societies where the pressures of opening out to the outside world has been at the cost of a partial or complete loss of an indigenous way of life. This has resulted in the
displacement of the individual stemming from the
alienation of culture.

The displacement or defacement of an ethnic or cultural identity might prove to be harmful for the majority of its population resulting in extremist ideals. But within the framework of my art practice the fragmentation of social experience could prove to have its fruitful effect. It provides a wider platform to reach out into previously untapped resources that eventually gets incorporated into my art practice. Ideally speaking this would mean that I am liberated from associating myself with any preconceived notion of a defined place or territory by dissolving a sense of geographical barrier and incorporating elements from an experience of a diverse cultural nature. My work stems from this experience that is rooted in the collusion of different worlds, inducing a desire to collage and even merge the two. Image making is a process of reinterpreting physical reality with an element of personal objective. I wish to create a believe visual narrative by bringing together images from a variety of sources. It is a detached world where anything is possible. By juxtaposing myth within reality my attempt is to build a bridge between tradition and modernity. The linear notion of time dissolves here as the past and present intersect.


The cover act - Oil/Canvas (46x36)






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Joydip Sengupta