Jo Willems is a Dutch artist, born in 1954. He started to make his surrealist paintings at the age of 16. In the beginning as a hobby, now it has become more like a profession. In 1980 he had his first of many exhibitions. For the most he is an autodidact because he only studied for two years at the Academy of Art in Arnhem.

Jo always works with oil paint on canvas using bright colors, which he mixes himself on the basis of the three primary colors and black and white. He also prepares his own canvasses.

About his work “I want to make something that only exists in my fantasy, my dreams, something unique, every painting again. I love to create images of places which don’t exist, but at the same time are recognizable. No heavily loaded scenes, no profound messages but often for others recognizable pictures that move them. “


Non-identical twins are enjoying buterflyly freedom
Oil/Canvas (39x39)






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Jo Willems