Art and the natural world have been the driving forces that have shaped Jerry’s life and career. Self-taught, Jerry can not remember a time when he wasn’t painting, studying art and the great artists, or developing an affinity and never-ending infatuation with the phenomenal beauty of Nature.

Since the early eighties Jerry has been exhibiting and selling his artwork, gaining both success and recognition as his work became known. In February 2000 this success finally enabled him to retire from his job as an Applications Manager and Systems Analyst, and devote himself full time to his artistic career. His first task was to build a home to accommodate his lifestyle, with a studio and gallery to exhibit his work. Next Jerry used his experience in the field of technology to design and build a website to promote his work (www.jerrysauls.com)

Always seeking inspiration and development of his skills, Jerry has travelled extensively. His work includes studies from the Hawaiian Islands, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.

Collectors of Jerry Sauls’ work appreciate the fine detail, perspective and imaginative use of light simulation with which he portrays an innate understanding of his chosen subjects.

Jerry is a keen sports fan and has created a collection of acrylic paintings of famous NFL football players, which have been reproduced as limited edition lithograph prints. He is currently promoting these through local advertisements with plans to expand to other cities.


A Grizzly Experience






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Jerry Sauls