Born 12 January 1961, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although largely known for his playing of the tenor saxophone, Perelman also plays piano, clarinet, cello and recorder and is a trained classical guitar player. Perelman made an immediate impression with his 1989 debut” Ivo”, and his subsequent work has continued to justify his critical status as one of the most important and distinctive tenor saxophone voices of recent years, He has performed to great acclaim in jazz festivals and concerts around the world and has recorded 25 CDs. His music, a unique form of free jazz, translates itself into the striking Abstract Expressionism of his painted imagery. Just as his music evolves out of his liberation from musical convention, his imagery dispenses with traditional artistic conventions and expresses the raw ardent energy which creates each painting.

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Untitled - Acrylic/Cardboard (8x12)






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Ivo Perelman