I am a mature self-taught australian artist with some basic training, using textiles and acrylics.
The images I paint are sureal, Fish and Figurative. They are taken from life and memories of stories from the Bible.
I have different collections of paintings, that I painted through my life, and some times stitch on to calico/blanket to make wall hangings.
They are exclusively colourful hand crafted one off designs.I exhibit my art works with different art galleries and websites/ databases, regularly exhibit my art works. The greeting cards sell through art card outlets, in U. K.. and America.
I enjoy doing exhibitions and commissions with my art works.
For three years I worked with school children, doing art projects , murals on the walls, stitched art works and making crafts, Art has always been in my life, and I can not remember a time when I did not have a paint brush in my hand .



Cain and Abel - Acrylic/Canvas (20x16)






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Irene Nolan