Essentially, reality is like a starting point. My work, though, is subjective. I have a personal vision : what I imagine before I shoot. Good images do not come easily, they must be pursued, hunted down, and caught before it’s too late. Before taking a photograph I must feel that something is there, that it has been given to me to seize and that I really must have it. That is why I am fascinated with the night, because there is nothing there but essence : dark and light. Then I can take those images and rework them on computers until I am satisfied that my vision has been achieved.
Style Architecture, Landscape, Illustration, Nature, People, Fine-art.

Technique Photography works with medium format, 35 mm, digital, using computers as digital laboratory and graphic design.

Background For ten years I did many night photographs in downtown Paris. At first, it was my artistic choice to use black and white film, sometimes pushed to ISO 1600. That probably was due to the fact that I liked and had studied the cinema and thus tried to use these techniques in photography. One of my self-assigned projects was to try to capture the essence of a train station when it was nearly deserted at night. In fact I am an artist who uses photography to express himself. What interests me about photography is that I can transform reality, that is, I can start with reality but change it or interpret it as I see it in my mind. Since few years my works are represented by Europeans and US agencies.


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Guy Jean Genevier