Guiliano Cavallo was born 10-03-72 in Vina Del Mar, Chile. As you already know. I am an International Artist who is showing at “The Mamushka Museum of Fine Art” and also a member of gallery “The One Ear Society” in Florida. Giuliano Cavallo studied the Arts from an early age and 1n 1998 was accepted at the Center for the Media Arts graduated at Miami Beach high continued to ITT and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale finishing at The New Worlds Shool of the Arts (NWSA) for InterMedia in 2000.I always seemed to pick landscapes and natural environment as my subject and media matter when I draw or paint as well as celebrities and famous places around the world.


I would say that my work could border from light surrealism to diffused adjusted abstract. and that my style of work would have to be abstract in the form of adjusted diffusion, color fusion and tonal balance, connected by line and color reflection balance. This is why I use the colors that I use and the mixing techniques as well. My form has come up from all the years of mixed learning methods and ideas. Which has been a culmination of different ideas and theories all combined into one or two different concepts, which I have eventually put into my own transformation of idealistic views, ways and concepts. So as you can understand now I have pretty much made up my type of theoretical method of painting and technique.

Green peace - Painting gelee (18x24)






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Giuliano Cavallo