Born in Vicenza, Pierluigi Ferrari has always lived in Milan and now resides in Torri del Benaco VR (on the Garda lake). After leaving the classical studies, he attended the Brera Accademy.

After an interesting period as designer, he founded with others a creative Boutique that is an example of advanced communication and creativity. He has worked as art director and a creative in national and international advertising companies for many years and he created and realized outstanding TV and stampa advertising campaigns. A professorship at the European Institute of Design was offered to him.

A diversified cultural curiosity, the interest and the artistical attitude drive him to the painting.

His first personal exposition ('85), in palazzo Borromeo at the "Le Arcate" art gallery, via Manzoni, Milan, was accredited by a large interest of the public and of the critics. After other exhibitions and a certain number of collective expositions, the painter reaches a higher artistical level, due
to an intense work program, not conditioned by the various influences of the art market.

His work has been accredited by the great estimates and by the consensus expressed by the art operators at European level. His paintings are part of art collections of refined art estimators.


Arcaic Sculptor - Oil/Paper (100x100)






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Gigi Ferrari