I was born in Todi (Italy). I completed my secondary school education in classical studies, and then earned a degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture of Rome University (Italy).
I have never attended an art school, so I am self-taught. As a child I began to draw and experiment with color.
While in high school art history appealed to me more than Latin or Greek. I was fascinated by the Italian Renaissance and the great artists of that period, as well as by the Flemish masters.
Modern painting, on the other hand, fascinates me for its freedom of language as well as its capacity for continual innovation.
Following my degree, in addition to working in my profession, I have also dedicated much time to other artistic expressions.
I have drawn comic strips and done book illustrations, as well as graphic art, and I have become deeply interested in digital art.
My artwork has received various prizes and awards, both in Italy and internationally.
Since the moment I recently discovered painting this has become a consuming interest for me. I do mostly oil paintings, and the themes I portray are very diverse: I enjoy representing reality, but also adventuring into the dimensions of the imagination and of the surreal, as well as sounding the depths of Man's feelings and inner life.
I love both classical as well as modern painting and I enjoy expressing myself using the instruments as well as the language of both these art forms; in this way each time I manage to espress various aspects of my personality and inner world.

An exhibit of my work was held in New York at the Agora Gallery in Soho, from November 6th to November 26th, 2001.


Amazons - Oil on canvas (70x50)






Pulsa para ver ampliada
Giuseppe Mariotti