François Falet is a french self-taught painter (Caen,1971.05.25) who works since 2001 in Montreal (Canada). He has found his own style by practicing drawings, watercolors, gouaches and studying in art books. His first experience in painting was leading by the european tradition (especially expressionism, and french painters). He is specialized in acrylic painting because of its expressiveness and because it goes on the canvas like a watercolor. He has been influenced by the american painting too (pop art, 80th ‘s paintings...). Even if his favourite subjects are ,most of them, american, he keeps his french point of view and his manner is quiet the same than in France.
His works are showed in many web-galeries and in his website too. An exhibition is scheduled on June 2003 in Montreal (gallerie Ame-A)

Blackyard - Acrylic/Canvas (76x76)






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François Falet