Living in province of Viterbo, in 1955 was born to Capranica.
Since primissimi years showed exceptional one bent for painting and a very big love for the art in a such way to attract the attention of that all that had the opportunity to know him. What pupil in the painter's Eduard Francois, study, where he remained from 1972 at 1978 improving in design and studying several techniques were these dowries that allowed him to be accepted. Several slow formed its culture, studying particularly ì main of the French impressionism and the expressionism above all German, following all the developments up to modern trends.

In 1972 her first shows staff prepared at the art c.i.p.a study. In Naples, with wide assents near the criticism and from a great deal of collectors. Ever since a susseguirsi of personal shows both in Italy and abroad, collecting assents, prizes and recognitions everywhere. Often we find him, guest of honour in the demonstrations artistic alongside of large teachers, between which E. Calabria of which becomes friend and from receives suggestions and encouragement to the continue some artistic research of his. After the death of his parents, he spends a long period in for Europe. Again find him in Rome in 1990, where he devotes teaching, by knowing between him other Angela, his allieva, that will marry some after time. Neighbour more knew, Calabria, native earth of the wife, where it remained charmed and soon well started painting her in all his shades, to the point to open an art tunnel in Gerace, monumental and rich history country so.


Angeli di San Pietro - Oleo/Canvas (70x50)






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Franco Spaccia