Born in New Zealand.

I have been painting since I was four years old and had my first exhibition in New Zealand at the age of eleven. In the last few years I have exhibited in some of the worlds most prestigious galleries.

Ever since I was young I have been focused on achieving my dreams. I have received training from some of the worlds greatest artists. I have had a fantastic response from the world with my art. I currently have a customs agent, who is very good at shipping my work, and can get my paintings to any location in the world.

My philosophy in art was formed during my travels. I found that there are some universal themes. All countries have literature, music, myths and legends throughout their history about love and their love for their children. I focus on these beautiful things in my art. I believe that we can achieve a better world by each living these ideals in any small way we can. People forget to play and have fun.


Amusement - Acrylic






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Francesca Judd