Emanuela Ligal was born in Padua the 17/05/1958.

She draws and paints from 1977.

From 1978 she spent a year in London at Kensington Garden Square.

Between 1982 and 1983 she lived an experience, lasted one year, in the buddhist monastery, named Tosho-ji, in Tokyo (Shinagawa-ku) where she was driven by the Zen master Ban-Roshi and by the well-known Irish nun Maura “Soshin” O’Halloran.

From 1989 she spent a year in Tuscany, during which she exhibited her works in Chianciano Terme City.

In March 2000 she showed part of her canvases in the gallery “The Emergent Collector” at the East-village in New York City.

She has attended, in November 2002, the – International Review of Contemporary Art - Magica - the magic in art – to the Estense Castle of Ferrara.

Today she lives and works in Padua.

Her creativity is the result of her experiences, all, always lived in a very intense manner.
In the apparent banality of the existence, she sees the mask that she or others personages wear in daily ambits. Irony, originality, added to a strong human charge, are revealed by the bold shapes and the bright colours, always used with masterly skill.

I feel well in the nature, but I live in a complex society; consequently I have become an artist.


Friends - Acrylic/Canvas (60x70)






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Emanuela Ligal