I am a craftsperson who creates pieces of art out of soapstone and winterstone (portland cement). The art I create, whether it be in oil, acrylic, or stone comes from with in me, my feelings, my aspirations. I take a piece of stone, look at it in its raw forms, feeling it in my hand, seeing what the rock tells me. Sometimes
It is the shape of an animal, man, or free flowing shape. I do not force my feelings and ideas into the stone. I let my mind go blank and take it from there. There is no set of ideas when I create a piece, I do not draw or outline on the stone. What is created, comes from inside me, and when a person looks at my art, they see a part of me in it. What I relay in my art deals in nature, family times, and sometimes the mystical part of man. These are a part of my life, as I sometimes take quiet walks in the park to watch in its natural part, see a doe and its mother, geese and there goslings. They all relay that nature has a story to tell, if we stop and listen I take these feelings and transfer them into my work, such as the one I called The Struggle. That was about man and nature struggling with each other, trying to maintain a balance between each other. Hopefully this explains about me and my work and I will be more than happy to explain more if need be.








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David Seymour