My family immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada when I was eleven (I was born in England) and I spent most of the next thirty years in Western Canada. For the past ten years I have lived in Ottawa and have a home away from home in Grenada, West Indies. Turning fifty was an important juncture in my life … I began painting.
While I have always loved music, dancing and the diversity of the people in my life, the colors, the smells and the music of Grenada was the stimulus for me to begin to actually paint. I wanted, and seemed driven, to depict people how I saw them.
As I mentioned above, my art derives its inspiration from the colors, the sounds and the variety of humankind. I portray people in their everyday setting and being themselves … playing guitar, selling wares, hanging out enjoying the sweetness of life etc..
To me there is a special moment when people show their connection to their being, their life. This is the moment I try to capture in my paintings; I hope that you enjoy these magic moments.








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Danuszia Mordasiewicz