Dream…. Nightmare…. Imagination…. My reality

I am a photographer, not a painter nor a writer. Photography is me. I cannot separate the two. When there is a camera in my hand, I see beyond what is in front of the lens.

What is around me doesn't matter, but what I am framing does, whether it's a cat on a ledge, a poker star at a bus station, or and old woman struggling throught the rain.

By creating not just capturing an image, I’ve changed reality. I control what the viewer sees and enjoy watching their reaction. I want the viewer to see the image, use their imagination, and then come to their own conclusions. Good or bad, I want a reaction.

Each photograph is part of my personality. The darkness, the humor, the strive for perfection and the uncomfortable feeling

I hope to provoke, that is me and my reality on the paper.


Abdomen - Digital Photography






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Corin Dickinson