Isolated high in the New England Tablelands, a ramshackle shed is home to the artist Carlos Doepel. Unfettered by the constraints of conventional wisdom in his studio, Carlos is free to create objects of beauty and function, hewn from recycled materials gathered in and around his exurban utopian retreat. A shipwright and engineering background saw Carlos spend many years building, refitting and sailing the majestic square-riggers of another era. Carlos roamed the high seas, honing his skills and developing his unique design sense before mooring himself permanently to scratch the itch that drives artists to distraction if neglected. Working harmoniously with these materials, allowing their lines, shape and presence to influence the end result, Carlos forms objects that are individually handcrafted and no two pieces will ever be the same. The works blend seamlessly into a plethora of environments and possess a clever blend of functionality, durability and raw natural energy.

Carlos exhibits his works from his Studio Gallery in Armidale NSW Australia.
He sells his works in Australia, and exports overseas when demand requires.

Additional artwork :

Big nose







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Carlos Doepel