The Way….

Christian Holzknecht, the Photographer, understands the dominant / submissive relationship extremely well. Some days he must be a slave and use his photographic skills to please the whims of his paying clients.

But when these assignments are over, he becomes a very powerful master. His subjects allow him full control of their bodies as he places them in uncomfortable, and sometimes risky, situations. No one is allowed to leave the photo shoot until the models have cast off their inhibitions and shown the photographer the most hidden side of their sexuality.

That's why when you look at his photos, you will not simply see boring fashion models wearing exotic clothing. Instead, you will witness real people from the worldwide fetish community experiencing true moments of liberation…

Christian Holzknecht started taking fetish photographs in 1993 in Austria/Europe. Prior to that he worked his way thru all kind of newspaper and magazines. His time as a photographer for the United Nation brought him to many places around the globe - with on result. He now knows that there is just one photographic future for him - and what ever that is, you will find out………..

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Christian Holzknecht