"Barbara Asproni is a painter and writer. She was born in Milan in August 1970 and, since her childhood, she was attracted by the colour and the shape of things.
Since she was eight, she began to paint and to learn the oil-colour technique and, since then, she never stopped to achieve a constant pursuit and to try new shapes of pictorial terms. Later she began to like acrylic colours better and to paint on different materials. When achieved a good control of this techinique, she got back to her beginning, showing her emotions and the most secret sesations of her inner life. The most considerable excellence of her painting, besides an accurate use of colour, is the subtle symbolism of shapes that usually stikes the specator for the surrealistic references which underlie her creative thought. She called her artistic style, placed between cubism and surrealism, "Visual poetic", as it concretes in painting what she expresses with poetic language in her tales. Her style is not clearly symbolic as the true senses are those that arise from the specator's vision, but, I think that, in the latest paints, it is shown in a clear way the symbolic effect of the values of her femininity, again discovered and relived through her paints in a truer and original way. As a woman-artist, her way of observing is particularly influenced by the
consciousness of the strain of being a woman today, in living the usual everyday life -work, family and friendship- going on being a bearer of very special message of swetness and charm".








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Barbara Asproni