Albert Robbe (1943) took a drawing-course at the School of Graphic Arts in Utrecht (NL). This basis for his later works was broadened by supplementary trainings at the Academy of Arts, also in Utrecht.

He worked as a freelance graphic designer for many years and made free works in graphic techniques and paintings in the style known as: 'the School of Utrecht' (a/o Joop Moesman, Pyke Koch). Three-dimensional and monumental he worked in order of a/o The Council of Utrecht, Dutch Railways, University of Utrecht and other companies abroad.

From 1977 onwards he worked as an independent designer of architectonic marketing concepts for fairs, showrooms and exhibitions. Big orders came from performing companies in the exhibition trade. He provided for example concepts for nearly all premier brands like Apple and Zeelandia. Especially in the last decade the drawing-table was more and more pushed away by the computer. This development caused Robbe to start painting again in the old-fashioned way with paintbrush and oil paint on canvas and panel.

Neither of the two - Oil/Panel (24x31)






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Albert Robbe