Alberto Renzi, art's name ADONAI born in 1966 in Rieti, Italy.
After the college he moved to Florence where he got in touch with the Florence's artistic environment.
At the same as his university studies he participated to several European .
In the meantime he continues the researches within art, deepening his studies of modern and contemporary painters.
The visual contact with the works of the great masters such as Corot, Monet, Constable and the English landscapers involve him in the research in the real images the techniques discovered and applied in the masterpieces which made the 19th century artistic patrimony, remodelling it to his own interiority, creating an expression of this time.
After his degree, obtained the 3rd April 1996 as Architect at the University of Florence - Specialisation of Planning the Architecture with 110 honour/110 discussing a thesis on the extension of the Prado museum of Madrid - and passed the Italian government exam to recognise him as professional Architect, he moves in 1997 in the Principality of Monaco where he works and live and where he starts his activity as painter, collecting several international recognitions.







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