Before start painting I don't know what it will be arisen on canvas at the end. When I am working the reflected on canvas images capture me on going all of this creativity proccess. They have been interacting, borning, disappearing in my mind and hold me all this time. Most of all I like to paint old houses, trees, flowers but no important for me what I am painting both landscapes, florals, animals or street scenes, houses, buildings, collages first at all the creativity is my way to communicate with world and another reality exists around us.

When I was a child I like painting and drawing so much. I studied at Art Studio and Children Art School in Rostov-on-Don. At 1980 I graduated from the Physics Faculty of the Rostov State University and I have had research work in physics few years. The painting attracted me again many years later. Since this time I have been working in painting and graphics. At 1993 I graduated from the Painting and Graphics Department of the Russian National University of Art in Moscow. I took part in art exhibitions at Moscow and regions and Internetional Internet Art projects:

Art Studio.Art School in Rostov-on-Don. Russia
Rostov State University.Physics Department.Rostov-on-Don.Russia
Russian National Art University. Fine Art Faculty. Painting and Graphics Department. Moscow .Russia


Since 2000 became a Member of International Federation Of Artists "UNESCO" & National Artist's Union of Russia / Professional Union of Artists.

Several art works are featured at Private Collection in Russia and USA

Additional artwork:

Sunny day - Oil on canvas (60x80 cms)






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Andrei Smolkin